Lunar Light (poetry)

This place is set to sink

The message on the soap bar reads
The ghost in the mirror says the same

Snuff out the circus
From steering wheel
One hand will surface
No face but purpose

Maybe John didn’t pray hard enough
He didn’t crawl hard enough
He didn’t bawl long enough
Maybe John had given up…

I’m taking out the trash –
The neighbors “entertainment” blaring from the car window is worse than what’s in the bag

Children are heroin to a pedophile
You shouldn’t leave ANY MAN alone with a child (public counts)
They do it in a crowd

Avoid the stock market
Unless you want –
Your savings to plummet

The way that monster extended his hand for me to walk
The trust it took to cross

He stands in the doorway
Dressed as darkness
As death
Thick as a highway

He rides
Like chance is his market
In a blacked out Chevy
Crying my name

I read through the fine print
You must’ve gaslit
Or put an asterisk*

Chill out babe
People need to eat

They should be chasing me
Like a current
But the crickets are chirping
And nobody knows it

Green yellow red
His favorite, he said

Final curtain call
Last watch before the fall

He treated her with little worth
Even when she showed him mirth
On a broken earth

Going out on top, in the middle, or none
It’s all the same sum

He said he needed her
She prepared for the apocalypse
The lies eclipsed between his lips
Lunar light from fingertips

You wanted –
You were denied
Like spear in side
Not dignified –
Hope you like the ride

Today I asked myself, “are you okay?”
But the reply was, “I’m not sure…”

(Tell God I’m lost)

Kidnapping season has arrived
Better hide so I don’t die

I fell so far down the rabbit hole
I nearly lost my soul

The Devil greeted
Said I looked mistreated
Gave money then pleaded
“I’m welcome when needed”

(True stories from the pawn)


We wipe every trace
Of any mistake

They tremble when I enter room
Eyes spell doom
Searching soon
But for who?

“Are you feeling suicidal or homicidal today”


You lie, I lie. Eye for an eye.

Professionally paranoid
Not me, another boy
At least one is getting paid for

“Life jackets worn
Nobody mourns”
But my vein pours
I’m the Queen of Thorns

Some of these poems deserve their own little graveyard.

Queen of Thorns – Merrie Magdalene – maybe God wants me with no man

I missed his cues. Trembling in my blues. Set a trap or two.

Does he know how hard it was
The darkness
He wanted to turn me into haunted

Thanks for cutting the cord on us
You were really dangerous

He’s unstable
Like a megabomb unlabeled
He cut the cable
He’s so ungrateful
But gave me the label!

He pulled the plug
Couldn’t handle my love
Thinks he’s so smug
But I laid the bug
Lesson comes from above!


GENX – the absolute favorite

“FAIRLY YOUNG – not 400 pounds” (could he be anymore of a pedo tho) (asking for a friend)

(Sorry – autism is real – my thoughts have sound)

His hand is cruel
But the trap I laid was too

There was never any other
The devotion was always him
Every single hour
I had given in

Money in the wallet
Money in the bank
Money sweet like chocolate
Money in the safe

The self-sabotage trap was set
It shone like gold
To a thief – made his tongue wet
He lost his foothold
Have I won the bet?
Did his black heart fold?


What deed does this warrant?
Keep my soul stored in storage


His hand is too stern
For an Angel
He should’ve waited his turn
He’s cutting lines in hell

“Not competing”
Even when I’m dreaming
Though I don’t know his face
Or where I’m leaning

You terrible fool.

She complained but then
He had her condemned
Didn’t like her dreaming
Couldn’t call her friend

This page no longer exists
You’re careless!

You’re not a king –
Your word doesn’t mean a thing!

Disgusting john
Gone first dawn
Dream was wrong
He’s a moron

Dreams and fantasy do not occur at the same interval

Dreams in mirror are closer than they appear

How to get rid of a ghost during a self-sabotage attack:

  • [ ] Step 1 – tell him/her you dreamed of another

No child left behind
Except –
I’m in decline
Falling further in line

You need me so bad huh
Prostitutes are the only one to see your face (get dinner too)

“God isn’t here”, he implored!
But did I not give him everything he was asking for?
Endless love –
But still I gave him more.

No one can join, no one can leave
Thank you for releasing me
To the wildebeests
To the north and east
Do you love me least?

Despite all them hours given –
I didn’t earn enough to maintain my blog or equipment
Unlike the prostitutes you are paying – a decent living…

TO ALL – the shoe fits

“I’m not gonna make it”, she cried
“I know”, he yelled, as he cut the line…

(People never mention that he loved her from the moment she walked in the room and said “no you’re not” or that he killed that one guy closer in order to save her, or how the dad said he should be making babies and he next found her on a wild excursion – love is the anomaly sure sure)

Will she even be alive when he gets there, or will she too be crushed by a landslide – like how he cut the cord on her – to fall into a black hole – Murphy’s Law – gotta leave something behind

God gave him everything
Including an an angel with imperfections
The way other poets had written
She made him smitten
Left her in a ditch then
Rode away with his riches
Wondering if love’s where he’s wishing
The endless bitches…

Who gave him the right to punish her with such effect that her wings were stripped and her gift neglect?

He cut me loose
Didn’t know what he would lose

She was an angel in hell
Overworked and overburdened
Though lesson not emerging
His hand reflecting serpent
Now heaven can’t be summoned

She fell down in a pit of despair
Called a timeout –
He responded, ‘fuck off farewell’

You foolish fool
Pride got best of you

He cut his only lifeline to heaven
Didn’t to count to seven

Three times I would be denied
Stayed by his bedside
Over mortified
Underpaid but hoping he was satisfied
Now contemplating suicide

He pulled the plug
While I was alive and breathing
Telling world what all was needing
To keep on being

Did you forget your heart or something?
Lying on the floor?
All I hear is banging –
Coming from my door.

You’re not anyone to build a foundation with –
Because you have money
I have a little bit

The fat sun hung its head lowly

The answer is still no
Keep knocking though

He doesn’t know if he made the right decision – and he’s right – he really didn’t.

The way hopelessness trickled like a wave
I watched him climb into our grave
Facing death I’m brave
All I can do is turn away

You don’t know what you’ve done
Immaculate fool
Trap set for one
And in you flew

He needed me daily
So I pulled away greatly
Especially what I learned lately
How they pay prostitutes for “dating”

The way you left
In uncertainty
Waving like a theft
But claiming clarity

The world ain’t paradise
He misreads my lines
We’re wrapped in knives
Covered twice in lies

Shared finances?
Forget about it –
More like failed romances,
Where I commit.

Hard cock but weak heart

He left me with nothing
Took the rainbow and the rope
I’m barely coping

Took the boat
See him atop the waves floating
Going directions I ain’t going

Some days you gotta stay down

He had a speedboat
She had a canoe
He cut the cord
Near the waterfall, too

The Devil –
I didn’t know he was so easily triggered –
Who would have figured?

Excuse me,
I’m in the middle of self-sabotage,
Why are you requesting access?

What now honey?
You broke the truce

He fell into my trap
And that’s a wrap

Ask him why I left (he’s bereft)

Fuck! Why is he knocking?
Hasn’t he just left?
He hasn’t been far walking!
And now he’s got requests!

I shared special parts of me
I never shared with anyone
He took advantage of my generosity
Now he’s on the run

Our city is a barren waste
With heart like desolate rock
In a howling state
Give me the glock

I thought I could never live without “man’s best friend”
Until he turned demented
Hailed from a demon
A head that’s fed

I loved you
Any way possible
There wasn’t any doubt
A wide open ocean
There wasn’t any drought

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