Broke the new mop cleaning (tales from the crypt)

I. Can’t. Win.

Tried to sell my PS4 rig. Had the cops called on me instead.

I said go on, I’ll wait.

They closed shop.

Waited outside ten minutes, cops never arrived.

Left. Passed a cop. Went back. Drove through and tooted my horn and waved.

Still no cop. Shame.

I hear restraining orders don’t work – and the more you have – the less they work.

Probably cheaper to have bought my items

And before you go taking their side

I honestly had not done anything wrong

I got excited at the mention of cops

“Oh yeah”

“Well go on then, I’ll wait…”

I guess I’m done pawning shit in this town

But I ain’t done tooting!

Looks like I’m keeping the ole PS4 – I’m being cockblocked from selling or deleting my account

And if you threaten the cops on me, make sure you deliver. M’kay.

Oh and… broke the new mop cleaning.

The metal handle twisted like foil.

Gotta get on my hands like Cinderella to scrub.

And buy a new mop. Made of Iron apparently.

Fuck you

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