Domuso – third party rental payment processors – SCAM

A total scam

Delete your account

Write a paper check

Pay a money order


It should be illegal anyway – forcing us to pay rent online

Fucking move

Into a tent if you gotta…

I’m still waiting for my rent payment to go through – since the 31st

Paid my rent ahead of schedule – now collecting late fees – new management in the apartment instructed to “not even call Domuso support” and they have to call – to give permission to cancel it – since it’s in an “authorized status” according to Domuso – whom I contacted myself.

I guess they want me chasing my tail about my rent – worrying about fees and whatnot. I’m not.

Back to check writing.

And I dare you to make me homeless for refusal to “pay online” like you are enforcing other apartment buildings to do.

Go check the reviews about this company. They out there stealing money from folks.

It’s now day 9 and my payment is still pending and I’m not allowed to cancel it in an “authorized status” – the apartment complex must call Domuso and give the approval – but management says to “wait” and “we’re not allowed to call…”

Meanwhile, the fees are collecting and I went in with my checkbook ready to fix THEIR MISTAKE (I’m using the same bank I’ve been – no changes, my bank isn’t withholding my payment – nor do they have any reason to) but they refuse to do anything about my pending payment in cyber space and were ready to put a late notice on my door.


I dare you.

I have contacted Domuso via email and phone – same generic response, “your property needs to accept the transaction” but why should they when they can quietly quit and rack up charges and evictions on poor unsuspecting dumb folk


Hope you like your job very much…

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