Mystery plants day 7

I’m growing food in my window (either chive, chamomile, sunflower, or basil) – mystery seeds provided by my library – and now I have 4!

I was worried they might be cold, so I put their little “blankets” on.

I have 4 “mystery plants” provided by my library, growing currently and if I succeed on growing herbs then maybe I’ll move on to carrot and cabbage

They get spring water and sunlight and fresh airs and lots of love

I have pots to put them in, when and if I sort how to relocate them. They sleep in them at night, tucked with their little covers for warmth and moisture.


And spring water 🙂

I wasn’t sure when to feed them so give them drops with the rain

And breakfast/lunch/dinner timeframes if needed

They don’t starve

They wake up to pretty bird singing and me saying “good morning”

Him: so what do you like to do

Me: Talk to my plants and care for them better than my mother cared for me…

I don’t know what the odds are of growing one of each. I grabbed bags on different days.

I don’t know what the odds that I can grow anything at all

But I was born to do it neener neener

Just don’t wanna leap from the bridge when my crop dies or my weed runs out (FYI)

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