WTF is growing

WTF is that growing in my pot?

New unidentified bloom on left

Is that a sunflower?

A fungas?

Some other unknown species?

A single unidentified bloom

I did decide to “repurpose” the soil and mix it up and start feeding it to the plants that were surviving

It was risky I know

But the earthquake shook something

That wasn’t there yesterday

In fact, I left the window open yesterday during the rainstorm briefly – and they all had their first rain bath!!!!!

It was pretty exiting

Now they’ve had a rain bath (first) and drink daily spring water (my own supply)

It could be a mystery seed finding its way to the surface?

I should move him into his own pot?

Why does it scare me?

The green stuff growing was potentially edible – but now – I dunno if this pot still is?

More unidentified stuff in my pots

That’s probably the fear – I thought this would be a fun experiment by the library

I’m slightly shaking

Maybe because my last day of weed – but I was fine until I saw that… unidentified plant and a single bloom (and not green)

But if it turns out to be one of the mystery plants I killed, then yah!!! ?

The forget me nots are getting big!

Should they be repot?

And these potential edible thangs?

Check out the glass of roots

Healthy roots?

Healthy roots or not? Wish my soul would rot? Is this your thought?

I have a stone from Colorado that I collected – in this glass jar – and the plant really enjoyed having the rock and the clear glass to grow – but I admit – it’s more of a challenge

Even the roots scare me

I dunno what’s wrong with me?

I fear the unknown. I also jump into puddles not knowing how deep? Had no idea one should not..

We drank from the hose because we were locked out of the house

I’d get in trouble if I told you what I wanted to do to the Boomer folks

So poems incoming soon…

But wtf is growing?

And just for reference – this is this mystery sheet

Nothing is in the big pots yet – was wondering if I could relocate the glass herbs – they are the only ones I never moved – added the rock from Colorado – and then the roots took hold. Now I’m afraid to plant them in a dark pot with soil – and shock them.

I also don’t want them to get root rot and die

But for now – they did experience a wonderful full moon recently – and last night a rain shower.

Would love to put tags on my plants: “Hi. I’m 3 years old”

“Hi. I’m 15 years old”

That way, upon my untimely passing, they don’t wind up at the dump

They are loved, even tho I fear whatever the fuck they are?

Is that a sunflower? Should he get his own space?

I’m afraid to touch it?

Or breathe around it?

Is it safe?

It grew overnight?

A night bloom?


My thumb isn’t green – it’s mysterious

He’s never had a homemade biscuit. I don’t know what a sunflower looks like growing.

Or basil? Chamomile?

I ate chives growing unwashed in the yard

My mom: “why are you eating that”

Me: “it smells like onion, can I not eat it”

Mom: “yes but you need to bring it in and wash it”

Also me: *drank syrup from some sort of flower*


Growing thangs

Don’t know what

Could be poisonous?

Wanna come over for dinner?

P.S. when I do upgrade my phone, if TikTok isn’t banned, I will show you my cute new outfits. I’m thin as fuck tho. Like “Thinner”. Keep eating. Won’t gain a pound.

Last day of sungrown legal weed.


And been off the super potent vape pen for 2 or 3 weeks now

Lungs about to be freeeeee

It is fucking harddddddd boi

Takes minimum of 4 months to recover from CUD

4/19 was the last day I had access to the medicinal shop

The whole fentanyl laced drugs is a real issue where I live

Not just the city, but my backyard

Someone got busted with $39k in their car

Along with laced drugs

It was all over the cops official social media accounts

I do not use or consume illegal drugs

I’m quitting state issued as well…

Sleeping in the lion’s den with whatever is growing

And honestly, it ain’t gonna keep the lion’s satisfied

I’m living on prayer

2 responses to “WTF is growing”

  1. Whatever it was – got baked in the sun. And that ain’t good cuz it popped up in a pot that gets lots of sun. It’s all wilted. The stem may survive. I put him in the shade for now.


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