Lust is easy. Love takes courage.

Lost and Found

I'll drop your heart in the lost and found


She wants you to taste her innocence


An entirely long dreamy freestyle poem

A Visit From Lu Part 7

A Visit From Lu Part 7!!!


He looked back, I'm in hell...

Angel Falls

The trials that make us grow, and the forgiveness that cocoons. Though maybe nothing special, it's one of my favorite writings yet.


If you lay down your arms, I will lay down my pride.

Made in Heaven (Movie Recommendation)

A movie recommendation of my favorite film since I was 10 years old.

Love Is The Subject

The poem says perfection doesn't exist but my love for you does.


Letting go is so hard. I can't. I love him. I shouldn't but I do... 😦


They always want the young silver instead of the rare gold.


Home is where the heart is

Made of Steel

A poem about how hard we make life for one another.

Rendezvous Avenue

If I were to take the blue Would it trouble you Can we meet Under the full moon Share secrets No other knew - Our complaints & grievance And pledge our allegiance Just between the two The air filled with sweetness From kissing all afternoon Utter discreteness At rendezvous avenue I gotta tent that sleeps … Continue reading Rendezvous Avenue


The shore rises And as our dreams do Hopes are washed away inside us Awards instead of gifts as prizes Pills wrapped in silk disguises With this wave a bit of residue Likely he'll never get your point of view I'm sorry if I ever troubled you Give love a chance the universe advices We … Continue reading RESIDUE