It’s not terribly hard to see you’re always chasing after young silver
Spend your days shinning every dime by the muddy river
Try to hide reflections of a liar in its mirror
If the devil bit you in the head it wouldn’t make it that much clearer
But I’m going to cover you in truth until you shine like glitter
I doubt anything I write can make you more bitter
You’ll probably claim you’re a victim and call me a killer
But neither of us are walking out of here a winner
My heart lost its color and settled for winter
I told you to shoot but you failed to pull the trigger
And now my love for you will always just kind of linger
If you ever want a friend you’re invited for dinner
If you ever need a rare element that’s where I can deliver
I hope one day you will warm my heart from this shiver
Until then my soul will just tremble and quiver

(He always wants the young silver – she’ll never want what he can give her)

© Delia Ross. 2019

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