If a dream had a silhouette, would it appear like streaks of gray in your beard?

Or perhaps the shadow of a dream, would look like the hue of your blue eyes?

Per chance dreams took form like the shape of your hands, stretching long like an icy comet tail…

Maybe dreams greet us like sunrises, casting warmth over darkness the way your lips do.

Sometimes dreams come rolling in like thunder, from the sound of your voice, falling into my cracks.

Have you seen wonder the way it moves over the curb of your head?

I have seen miracles grow from your ear.

A moonrise is the peak of your nose.

I have built hope on top of your words.

Did you know that time is my every thought of you?

I watched you suck poison from my vein, and still your back was sturdy from the stones I hurled.

If love were an entity, he came to visit in your half smile.

Did you know that words have the power to heal but yours have raised the dead?

You are the shelter I seek. Let me take refuge under your breath.

One time is forever. So is it once or never?

Dreams, they’re all the shape of you.

Sometimes dreams slide off of your tongue, and get trapped in my throat.

You can’t erase the vast expanse your existence takes up in my heart.

Our love is an eighth wonder of the universe. Move over Juliet.

I have seen entire star formations in your eyes.

If words are forever, my love is permanent.

Dreams are stepping stones and mine will lead to your imagination.

All dreams form like the shape of your face, when moon’s are eclipse, and orbits are bound.

I have seen pillars grow from your words, and ancient beast taking bow.

Dreams are the way you forgive my faults. You put them to rest and tell them goodnight. You kiss my forehead gently.

Did you know, if you close your eyes and think about me, I will find you there? Dream formation.

The atmosphere will change, that’s a dream forming like a cloud, it has mass and energy, and you will feel time slow.

Dreams are the way my eyes caress your poetry, how my feet slip into your metaphors, and whisper goodnight.

Dreams are because I believe in love again.

Even if dreaming is all I’ll ever do…

© Delia Ross. 2020

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xoxo sweet dreams xoxo

6 responses to “Dreams”

  1. After reading this wonderful poem, I’m thinking that I need to improve the quality of my dreams. Usually mine are along the lines of, “Ahhh! Scary thing about to eat me! My legs won’t let me run!” You know. That sort of thing.

    Liked by 1 person

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