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Have you ever tasted sweet innocence
Rolling in like soft thunder and how it gently nurtures sorrow
Nothing taste sweeter than forgiveness and redemption from her hands
The way the rain pitter patters it’s like her feet dancing in your soul
Those are tears of laughter now
The sky claps
She’s not a prison, she’s freedom
Your tongue was dry but now it’s wet
Your life was a desert but now it’s an ocean full of life
She has given you paradise in hell
Taste her

Photo taken by me somewhere off the coast of Ireland, circa December 2015. I stopped driving in Ireland to get out and snap this photo of a boat stuck in low tide, with a rainbow appearing over it. Perceptions are everything. How we respond to our environment is everything. Poem is new, photo is not. Still learning life lessons. Thank you Ireland.

© Delia Ross. 2020

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