Why are you a moon behind a cloud?
Exterminating the sun
And everything I’ve done
I don’t have the gumption to fight the blues
These depths you send me to are pressurized
Why do you flank my fears
Have I not sacrificed enough tears?
My blood thick of you
And every molecule
I’m stuck like glue
Can you erase me from your shit list
Sketch a smile or two?
I do not fare well
When feet are quicksand
Head sinking too
Your berries are poison but I ate a few
Just to taste the bitterness you accrue
Just to feel the things you do
Why do you lead me to darkness?
All these acres feels like abandonment
The atmosphere tenuous
Like the link of us
How do you forget?
Was it as quick as lightning
Your exit?
Still I trace your silhouette
I find clues on my doorstep
Was that your regret?
Leaving me too soon?
Is that my tears you collect?
Is defeat what you accept?
Please return this June
Preferably by noon

© Delia Ross. 2020


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