Deeper deeper deeper, she said
Beware, there’s demons everywhere
In the underworld, keep your eyes ahead
Once you go, don’t look back, or I’m dead
And the pain will never stop circling
Your life will always be full of dread
Keep your eyes on the prize instead
Or Hades will keep me prisoner by his bed
Don’t look back, cuz you won’t find me there

Β© Delia Ross. 2019

I wrote this a while back but never thought it good enough to share…

3 thoughts on “Orpheus

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  1. My poems have been very mythical and religious/spiritual lately because I’m currently going through stuff. I still have poems I haven’t shared that I don’t think are good enough to share that I’m starting to share anyway. Thank you for taking time to respond and give me feedback. It’s appreciated.😊


  2. No problem at all 😊
    I can totally relate to your fears by the way…
    I have a section on my page for ‘Older Poetry’.
    Most of its content was written in my teens / early twenties. I didn’t share it then as I wasn’t particularly proud of the quality of much of it – something I still feel now some fifteen years on.
    However, pushing myself to start this page with that content a few months ago and seeing the reaction it got from others led me to, not only enjoy writing again, but to also grow in confidence of my ‘newer’ output.
    I think, as writers, we will always suffer from insecurity about what and how we write. But the effect our words can have on others (even if we think they’re shite) should never be underestimated.
    And – from one scaredy cat to another – fear should never stop you posting either.

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