Love Is The Subject

It doesn’t exist
Nothing is perfect
But we exist
And I can’t resist
My lips to kiss
All that’s hurt
To find a perfect fit
And to worship it
Just like magic
Until my love is felt
For it to bring you rest
Let it nest
Let it connect
For you to accept
I’m not done loving you yet
It’s time for you to resurrect
Remember I fell for this quest
To make your life blessed
To whisper sweet nothings on your neck
To rest my worries on your chest
And to have finally slept
Beside your very best
That’s all we have left
Love is the subject
For you it was meant
In my soul it is etched
In my spirit it is dreamt
Through my heart swept
Underneath my breast
With both hands prepped
Where both feet leapt
And both knees bent
To you who I can’t forget
Who put me to the test
Who made me wept
Where all my love crept
With all my patience spent
Crawling where you are sketched
Wanting your respect
Hoping my love you won’t neglect

© Delia Ross. 2019

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