Lost and Found

Uneasy is the head that wears the crown
Why do you spend your life sharpening your frown
If you are free then why are you still bound
I’ll drop your heart in the lost and found

The art of deception is found in your bones
Truth rarely covered, hearts made of unknowns
The deeper I tunnel, the longer my soul roams
My love so heavy, I can’t carry these stones

It’s like my pieces are made paper thin
They break apart and fall into the brim
He picks them up and patches up his skin
Now forever I am attached to him

It’s like we’re always nurturing what went wrong
The phone is ringing but we’re never home
We’re giving love but it’s never shown
We’d stick with hiding but our cover’s blown

© Delia Ross. 2020

There’s an inability to connect
Too many barriers
I see baggage carried like crowns
Cheerleaders for every mistake
He’s got a girl on the East, West, North, South sides
Love they all claim

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