Made in Heaven (Movie Recommendation)

Made in Heaven has been my favorite love story and film since I was 10 years old. It’s currently available to watch for free on Vudu. It’s from 1987 and you shouldn’t even watch a preview, you should just go watch the film. If it doesn’t pull on your heartstrings, then you’re probably not alive.

It’s one of the most beautiful stories ever written and I cry every single time I watch it. It ruined me on love. In a good way.

I decided I’m going to write a poem about it, in fact, I’ve already started.

So if you’d like to watch a really really good movie, that isn’t based on sex, drugs, horror, and rock and roll, but is an actual good story with thriving characters, and a soaring cast, go check it out. You can thank me later. Get your tissues ready though. sniff sniff

The film is PG.

Can you handle a PG movie or are you so desensitized from modern movies?

If you do watch it, will you let me know what you think about it? 😇

That ending scene, OH MY HEART.

I feel like watching it twice tonight.

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