Over Bid

I told him I loved him and then I failed to exist....

Demon Star

He's got a black heart

6 Feet

An anti-love poem in under 20 words


She's a pyramid scheme

Ought To Know

All a man has is his word but he doesn't even have that...

Narcissism warning

Tools the narcissist will use


All I want to say is narcissists don't care about you...

Narcissism 2.0

Don't believe a word they say....

My Sunday, how’s yours going?

I am a victim of criminal mischief

Walk Away

Now that I've slayed the evil, what's next?

Lu Part 999 (We dream backwards)

The devil is obsessed with me but the feeling isn't mutual. Unrequited love. It all makes sense now. (Freestyle midday demon slay)


He may have a 4.0 GPA but he's stupid and a monster


He hates me, I hate him. The end.

A Visit From Lu

A Visit From Lu Parts 1-7! An ongoing, experimental fantasy poetry series / end of the world love saga


Nothing to be seen, nothing to be sewn



Darkness Falls

A poem about dark hearts

The Tale and Trauma of Satine

The Tale and Trauma of Satine is a story I am writing about a vampire.

The Serpent

Ever kissed a serpent?