It floods in like a tsunami, the anger
Red flags appear, and I’m calling danger
Don’t come at me like I am a stranger
Fighting enemies helps tame our nature

© Delia Ross. 2019


14 thoughts on “Tsunami

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  1. Jeeesus Christ…. you’re sounding like my ex, at least you write poetry but a bit of anger issues. My ex probably surpasses you, once she took out the knife I said good by forever bitch, she’s the same one that was a whore (literally) wrote about her actually. I knew really, even if I told you in the other comment I didn’t. Much more to the story, I was homeless she had money. She was and is a paranoid-narcissist person, if you read about those conditions she fits the bill exactly, and sociopathic meaning she had no empathy, it was all pure control. And I needed money for my booze. Once I decided the booze had to be cut, she was cut out of the picture. Take it easy girl.


  2. I’m chill. I’m striking out because he lead me on, was doing spoken word with me, but now is with another and they are matching poems together now and so yeah I’m angry, I feel it rush in and take over. He hurt me. Bad. I AM NOT a violent person though, I actually don’t like conflict and do all to avoid it. But they are making me unhinged today. I JUST BLOCKED HIS WEBSITE. I AM 1000 PERCENT DONE PAYING ATTENTION TO THAT CREEP.

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  3. He certainly moved on if he’s with another woman. If I were you…. just turn the page on the book of life. There’s a lot of interesting things and people out there. Don’t obsess yourself with a guy, not good. As a matter of obsession in general is not good, it goes to the extremes and extremes in life are not good. Talking from personal experience.

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  4. Yes you will. You know you are pissed off and that you are saying that just for the heck of it and probably get a reaction from me. Not because it´s me specifically , just a reaction from a person. And you are opening yourself already, if you didn’t notice you are writing about it. You’ll move on for sure, you’re just pissed off since you feel you got played and you’ll move on in a couple of days, you better.
    Having been with quite some women, I do have a magic wand to your psyche, and specially women like you. I’m not judging by the way, I just know.

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  5. I’m not like other women though, I’m a tomboy and I’m really chill, I don’t act like other women, I just don’t… I am for the most part a hippie. Peace, love, happiness. X


  6. It´s all good. You don’t have to explain yourself to me or to anybody. Whatever you are or how you see yourself is up to you, the important thing is to be happy.
    As one of my saying goes ” You got to find happiness with whatever you’ve got” not easy, but one can do it.

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  7. I do have to explain myself when the person who is talking about me behind my back is trying to get all of her followers (which some of them follow me) to believe that I’m a callous bitch when it’s really her who is the callous bitch. And he is fucking LOST…..

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