May God Pray For You (poetry & photography) NSFW

You taste of Judas Iscariot
Betrayal you’ll marry it
I’ve paid twice for sins
Won’t pay again

144 awakening
7th seal opening
Judgment hour
No hoping (John’s still coping)

One, two
See through all of you

Hell hath arrived

Oh, Prince of This World
They aren’t your gifts to give
Heaven rules over all but this
God is the Void
But Satan rules this world

I am a beggar
Crawling eternally

Helpless to stop it
Remove self from equation
The devil is invasion
I’m losing patience!
Careful crossing occasion
Will get stuck persuading
Hopeful helpful information

Nature becomes conscious of itself through you

Hell is separation

If I die here
Nobody will know
I didn’t want to
But nobody will ask you

Trying to ascend

Need him more and then
Eleven hours spent
Not bad omen

Number signs godsend
I do listen
And then repent

But if he’s dropping flags
I’m walking in
Red carpet rolling
With a halo full of sin
God said keep walking
But I want him instead

He turns me SOFT
Like the Grand Canyon will flow
Paradigm shift halo
He owns my soul

I’m sorry he betrayed you
A devil said to shrewd
I think with gratitude
The sun burns the moon
I rest in solitude
Black as blue
But oh so devalued

I do not dream of labor
The moon a gaper
Place our love on paper
He calls –
I turn to vapor

We’re reaching terminal velocity
Death is nearing
Is this the correct speed?
Thought you needed me?

He’s wrapped up in deceit
Like a sheet
Am I a ghost
I am discreet

I’m without kingdom
Guarding eternity
I’m not lying

Beyond the horizon
But the sun’s still rising

Touch me
So the curse will lift
Kiss me on the lip
Keep me near your hip

ยฉ Delia Ross. 2022 / @poeeternal

More poetry and photography coming! Thank you for your interest in my content! I work hard at it! I hope you are enjoying the Halloween theme! Lingerie bodysuit by Dolls Kills! ๐ŸŽƒ

I just dropped a set on the OnlyFans! 40 photos! Like when PlayBoy did 18 & 36 page spreads! SAME! ๐Ÿคช

I’ve been busy writing and working out! I’ll post behind-the-scenes soon!

It’s BOO season!! ๐ŸŽƒ๐ŸŽƒ๐ŸŽƒ

I’m ready to dawn the Halloween costume daily! I wanna go on a hayride!!!! ๐Ÿ‘€

All my content is original and I do not use an AI generator to write my poems nor do I scour the web for overused images by others. Sorry not sorry!

In makeup and filter ๐Ÿคช

Thank you for your viewship and feedback! Highly appreciated! โค๏ธ

One response to “May God Pray For You (poetry & photography) NSFW”

  1. Wow, your photos are unbelievable. Exciting, exquisite, your body fabulous, the Halloween suit killer. I am memorized by your beauty. I feel like a deer in headlights, I freeze at the beauty. Your smile warms my blood, and gets my heart pumping. I loved (touch me so the curse will lift.) I wish I could lift any curse so you rocket to stardom.


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