A tongue to spit out the devil’s name (rhyming poetry)

Oh Worthless Shepherd
Don’t believe a single word
Words are just a spell or curse
Don’t belong in any herd

Oh Son of Destruction
Number one in corruption
Is it sin or seduction
Underneath what I’ve done

Oh Master of Intrigue
Teacher of fatigue
Say you don’t need me
As you lay bleeding

Oh Prince is Coming
Still first at running
Every face so cunning
Kick you out every morning

Oh Despicable Person
Only know to worsen
Hide behind a curtain
Minions every version

Oh Man of Lawlessness
No soul you do possess
Below no consciousness
You guessed I loved you less

Oh Abomination
Reduce the population
Then call it innovation
No room for variation

Oh Beast
It looks you’ve met defeat
My soul released
God has called me east

© Delia Ross. 2022 / @poeeternal

…but technically this is year 6615…

Did my nails stiletto gel fantasy blue

Recommend! For eating & grooming! 😌

Also did a coconut hair mask and smell like a delicious sweet treat

Thanks for checking out my blog and I hope you enjoyed my newest poem! Trying to get my voice back.

Still detoxing and casting the devil out… 😌

I know him by name. Do you?

And how many names of the devil do you know? Drop some he goes by below or tag me in a poem! ✍️

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