Lu Part 999 (We dream backwards)

I’ve been looking forward to your arrival
He sat me next to a satanic bible
I am your favorite disciple
In fact, I would say you are my idol
Without any denial
(Lu creeped down my spinal)

The number of the beast is triple nine
I tried to cleanse you but you missed the deadline
I tried to warn you with written rhyme
The devil knows I’m out of time
He also knows I am divine
And in my presence he built a shrine

The feeling mutual, no
Obsession yes, go
Drop the curtain, end the show
My mind is broke from feeling low
Is there any other my soul can bestow
It is looking as if the devil is my only beau

Why am I even here?
I think about him and you appear
Please can you disappear
You turned the world over to fear
And it’s not enough you need me too, dear
Well come a little closer, I’ll insert the spear

This is why I love you, Lu replied
And love is where the conversation died
This is where my step took a longer stride
I swear the devil sat down and cried
My wings expand, I left with pride
The devil will never be by my side

© Delia Ross. 2019

Fighting personal demons currently and it feels good to vent via rhyme. Therapeutic. Yes. With that said, we dream backwards, and the number of the beast arrived via dream, so why do we promote it as 666 still? Why am I the ONLY ONE who can see things as they really are? This shite keeps me up at night…

Unrequited love sucks tho. I am never loving again… Just don’t use the word love around dudes ever, fair warning.

Also, has anyone ever read Anton LaVey’s book, “The Satanic Bible”? Because I did once at age 16, it was quite interesting in fact, and a lot of it explained the difference between human nature and evil. Worth a read. Ahhh there you go, judging a book by its cover… reading something doesn’t turn you evil, your actions do.

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