Doubt was sound asleep and dreaming

Demon Star

He's got a black heart


Another unrequited 3 AM love poem, for the one, the haunting ghost in my life


The longing now just feels like a sickness


He loves me not

Ink and Tears

A freestyle poem of unrequited magnitude


He gives her everything and she gives him unfaithfulness


After midnight freestyle

Fool’s Gold

Something good comes from all bad things but I can't find one here...


Pain times infinity

Heartbreak Hotel

He was the best and worst thing to enter my life, like a flash flood destroying all the good but making room for growth.


I got out of my coffin, kinda...


If only love were blind....

Red Flags

They stoned the messenger and still flock to him like flies on shit...


Am I getting through?



Ice Rings

Unrequited love poem number ten thousand


Depressed micropoetry


One day maybe he'll learn to care for the girls who come around, instead of raping their hearts. Vikings protect, he forgot his role.

Hello, Excuse Me

Hello excuse me, uhhh sir, no don't go *sigh* (Are we doing digital lovers yet? Plug me in)

Rhyme and Curses

Searched decades, found him in hell like a pimp with gals on every arm and he spat at me, his fucking soulmate, said to piss off


Here a dick, there a dick, everywhere a dick dick


He does everything he can to avoid me but now the feeling is mutual


Where do I put the love?


If only I could stop loving you...

Tower of Sorrow

eternal blackness, he's gone


People always have the wrong expectations of people they never give a chance to know. And yet we carry that burden.

Eyes Open

*sigh* seething

Narrow Views

We haven't learned a thing...


They care not while I rot.

Ingredients for Ruin

How to kill a heart (a poem; not an actual recipe- or is it? 🤔)

Heart Failure

A poem about arriving too late for love; heart is dead.

Love Is Always On

Love like his should be criminalized...

Picture of a Picture

PICTURE OF A PICTURE by @poeeternal I have a picture of a picture It was clear I wasn't stricter I have a picture of her picture He'd still be here if I were richer It won't be long & he will ditch her She'll have a picture of his picture Bury her head deep into … Continue reading Picture of a Picture