Fool’s Gold

Fool’s gold
That’s what you sold
Do you always gift your muse
A fistfuck in the heart to bruise

Poison in her chalice
Written words of malice
A traitor in your trade
Heaven now will fade

You tossed away your destiny
You systematically destroyed me
You ran headfirst into decay
You laughed as I turned away

I wish I didn’t know you were out there
Somewhere living without a care
Never once really needing my hand
That was only pretend

Stuck on a dead-end road with a killer
Reached for your hand as a healer
I would wish you well
But I am in hell

Praying now to forget your face
Begging god just to fix the ache
It’s still cold when the sun is shining
Please tell me where is the silver lining?

© Delia Ross. 2019

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