Give her a house; she will need a moon
Give her the stars; still won’t make her swoon
Give her a song; still can’t suit her tune
Give her the world; but to another she will croon

© Delia Ross. 2020

He gives her everything and she’s likely still unfaithful / unloyal

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  1. I don’t know that you would call it a show but it’s a really cool app that’s free to use and it’s really great for artists and I have my own channel / station under my pen name poeeternal. And Alex Ebert who owns the company, he’s in a very popular band, and he’s also my muse, responds from time to time on my stuff, which is totally awesome. I just started my Patreon last month but I don’t have any patrons yet. Here’s my Tuners station if you want to check it out:

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  2. I’m trying to keep mine simple by offering only one tier and I haven’t put any goals or anything down like others do. But I would like to get enough subscribers that it would cover my website and domain cost. 😊

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  3. Sweet deal!!! I’ve been on it about 5 months now and I’m using it to try to get over my stage fright and to push myself to do spoken word which I’ve been doing but now I want to push myself further and try freestyle spoken word.

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  4. Yeah absolutely so I think it’s a great platform to use as I try to grow as a writer. Alex does some amazing freestyles. It’s a very positive app to use and is kind of like Instagram but for your voice and it’s very positive over there, I don’t run into any negative people. I consider it the one safe place on the web that I can visit and truly be myself. 😊

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