Narrow Views

Narrow views, he once said
Then I killed where it bled

Narrow views, I declined
He only speaks when he’s blind

Narrow views, they bring me down
Now I roam this empty ghost town

Narrow views, is your hue
It matches every silhouette of you

Narrow views, in her mind
But still she closed his blind

Narrow views, the two will find
As they circle where confined

Narrow views, and in his knife
But the Army trained me to not feel life

Narrow views, all around
Watch us all become the clown

Narrow views, it might be true
But when it comes to him I already knew

Narrows views, to hide the shame
Take a picture, put it in a frame

Narrow views, is that your view?
I don’t remember ever asking you

Narrow views, the bell did ring
But for him, honesty was never waiting

Narrow views, his tongue did lie
Watched him clean the blade, without goodbye

Narrow views, the angel sang
But underneath the sound, he felt her fang

Narrow views, they are to blame
Even your mirror, reflects the same

Narrow views, are buried here
And with a tiny view, you watch me disappear

Narrows views, keep circling
But I’m off the freeway and already exiting

Narrow views, they make me pissed
Then I remembered, I was already over it

Narrows views, he gifted me
But I already had the foresight to see

Narrow views, he doesn’t understand
This hell he keeps, I own the land!

Narrow views, I’ll make it clear
Because I don’t need a foggy atmosphere

Narrow views, stay in your queue
Take responsibility for what you do

Narrow views, whip across my back
As I kneel, from all I lack

Narrow views, I’ll carry your cross
The weight of you, I felt the loss

Narrows views and a broken wing
It was only love I was offering

© Delia Ross. 2019

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