Out there on the horizon
A glimpse of redemption
While crawling over ice thinning
And tethers strained from the tension
As the distance slowly lengthens
Where the darkness comes to listen
Reflections rarely glisten
Just a sight of mostly deception
And fragile connections
No regrets for him I’m guessing
And I failed another lesson
Thinking love was a blessing
Not another interception
Not a secret obsession
Gifting only depression
His attention another direction
I get no affection
Not even a chance for selection
Just a ghost in another dimension
And my hate for him I’ll mention
Over and over in confession
With or without aggression
I’m at peace in this session
Writing bygones and rejection
What again was the question?
If shame were a crime, you reached perfection
Now go focus on another erection
And you better get tested for infection
Because you’ll stick it wherever there is exception
How much pussy is in your collection?
Disgusting vile worthless tool with zero potential

© Delia Ross. 2019

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