Heartbreak Hotel

Heartbreak hotel
In the center of hell
Under sorrow I dwell
I am not feeling well

Part alive, part dead
Mostly full of dread
To sadness I am wed
In a world he will never tread

Spoken words, incantations, or curses
Only dead things here to worship
Above; heaven on the surface
But watch him draw the curtain

(So I just keep hurtin’)

Moments of magic like electricity
Flashes of hope set my soul free
The hand was one and not an army
Words sweetened just like candy

Skeletons, nightmares, and broken dreams
Are all that’s left for me
Your words like a symphony
Helped me grow so vividly

Mourning the loss of trust
Mourning the fate of us
Overwhelmed by the life you crushed
I thought you were made of stardust

Stranded in our garden
With nothing left to bargain
One heart simply starving
Crimson tears set to harden

© Delia Ross. 2019

6 responses to “Heartbreak Hotel”

  1. He’s a monster and a piece of shit. He lovebombs and gaslights. He’s full of lies and cum. He’ll NEVER KNOW REAL LOVE. Please let this nightmare go. I’m sorry he was a sham. But you don’t need scum like that in your life. Stop comparing yourself to these trashy, girls. Have you seen her feet? Jesus christ he knows how to pick them. You don’t want his dick anywhere near your lotus. He probably has an STD, look at the gals he’s into. Stripper types. Alcoholics. Crazy gals. He’ll never be content or happy. His sex life is a porn kink script. *yawn* He wouldn’t know real connection if it bit him. Know your worth. He ain’t it.

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  2. I mean he’s disgusting and she’s disgusting too. They all are. Gross. He must be sloppy drunk to think she’s anything other than what she is; WHITE TRASH.


  3. Seriously wouldn’t want his dick anywhere near me after I saw that redhead he was sticking it to. He’ll put it in anything, clearly by his new choice. LOL he’s an STD to avoid at all cost. Gross, he’s nearly 40. Acting 12 with his dick in his hands (but he gets good grades so all is okay)…

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