I don’t understand this lesson
How your actions leave me guessin’
And your heart’s not where it’s destined
And your praise to her hits like a lethal weapon

I’m not blind, I have eyes to see
And your poetry contains bits of me
You’re running wild yet you’re never free
But I’m moving on, without your poetry

It’s hard to count the many tears I’ve cried
And even harder, the lies you’re living by
I’d wish you well but then it’s me who lied
And though I’m dead my love for you survived

I feel empty, like a hollowed shell
Yet every tear has the weight of hell
If I’m missed, I can never tell
I know your love would get me feeling well

Β© Delia Ross. 2020

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Creature of the underworld…
I don’t like heartbreaks…
My heart is so heavy my eyes cry
I still hurts after all this time…
My hair is fookin’ long tho… almost as long as my regrets…

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  1. Chapter nine in the story. You will be my Gypsy lady. May foretold some tale. I will write tomorrow. I wrote two new chapters yesterday. I believe you will like. I will send you a message on instagram when done.

    Liked by 1 person

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