He falls like icebergs crumbling in the sea

World of Darkness

An uplifting micropoem



Like a Big Bang

Like the big bang

I See

Cuz he is a multiverse

The Reason

Some things are worth fighting for

What It Takes

She's part lightning and part thunder

One Hundred Million Miles

He's out of this world... micropoem + digiart


I hope my love can reach him where he is in darkness, so he may find the right light


Stay in the light...

Blue (Spoken word with guitar)

Spoken word!!!!!!


Alexander warms my existence

Remembers Worth


The Muse

Sending love and light to the muse (it's been a minute, he might need it too)


Written of and dedicated to my muse, Alex Eb!


It's possible he's the best antidepressant in the universe.

My Muse! Digi Art

Amateur digi art I made of my muse, Alexander Ebert. Making digi art is a favorite pastime of mine. ✌


The beauty of language it evolves but so does my love for him.

Skeleton Key

Written for my muse for the mere sight of him creates an alphabet in me + snap

Today Is My Birthday!

I got hugs today on my birthday from my absolute favorite person in the world, GAVIN ROSSDALE!

Her Secret Is You

A sweet little love poem that should have probably been kept top secret


I hope he is happy and I hope she knows how lucky she is


Poem about love and devotion, the greatest subject of all. 😚


Sailing straight towards his love... ❤


There's an entire universe in his gaze which heals my wounds and all...

Endless Love

Do you guys meditate? This is the equivalent of me sitting in a circle with stone and giving us a journey to travel on... Freshly written this morning, freestyle. It was meant to be a non-rhyme but oh well, a bit seeped out. I hope you like!!!

Made For You

I need him like Earth needs our Moon, my soul is in an eternal swoon.

Fields of Gratitude

Dark hair brown-eyed boy get to know me There are fields of gratitude to plow The crown of my joy and topic of every story With you anything I'll allow © Delia Ross. 2019

Kintsugi for the Soul

There's always been something about you, that when I look at you, my soul just glitters; Gold energy that seals my wounds and puts me on display, at shops in LA Kintsugi for the soul A broken soul with golden tear trails It must look like a lightning bug on a warm Summer's day Every … Continue reading Kintsugi for the Soul

Tidal Locking

His smile is the brightest lighthouse in the galaxy And even on cold nights, as they always are without him As I'm bound in all my fallacies My chances looking grim He stops and says he enjoys the catastrophes And all is right again Have you felt his gravity Until the doubt sets in? © … Continue reading Tidal Locking