I live in a land of monsters and men
Signs paving the way for our sins
Highways of hell where the ends always end
Because I can never match her perfection

Wild and unfairing
Another world warm and caring
One less despairing
A womb for repairing

A cosmic tail stretching in dominion
Together, they form a new religion
Words without meaning or definition
It keeps both their spirals spinning

She who lives behind a camera lens
Who gets to peer his faded gems
An inspiration for the words he pens
The very route my soul can cleanse

Can a moment go uncaptured
Where not written in her chapter
His smile an awakening and the rapture
Both freedom and the captor

I find safety in his happiness
For this is how the world is meant
If only love were permanent
And shared with those less fortunate

I follow him like a shooting star into a valley of wishes
My hard exterior is now submissive
My heart wider and less constricted
I hope she is all he predicted

Life teaches us multiple lessons
He has the magnitude of a million sessions
Yet only one needs my confession
Without a doubt, he is perfection

© Delia Ross. 2019

She’s perfect and he’s perfect and I am always just a spectator to love…

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