I delivered my heart to you
On sunbeams traveling under moonlight
Perched like stars in the night
My soul broody from day
I called to you in raging storms and hurricanes
I left clawmarks all along your names
Softly with the flutter of a firefly
Flickering in your dreams
I came like a herd and with thunder
Tiny feet to pull you under
I crawled through windswept deserts
Sleeping under doom
I risked all to bring holiness to you
Like a lone desert flower filled with hope
And all the comfort you can evoke
I came with tidal waves
Gushing from love
A tsunami rushing for your word
The way heaven is mimicked with your verb
And galaxies crumbling under your voice
As if we had any choice

© Delia Ross. 2021 / @poeeternal

Really sorry about the previous post deletion. Twice I’ve inadvertently published something simply by opening up the WP app. Had a proper meltdown too.

Anyhoo, this was freshly written before the meltdown. Freestyle ‘after midnight’ poetry.

Me after publishing something I wasn’t ready

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