There he is my light shining through
Just knowing he is there brightens my whole view
And so I toss the curtains wide and give a smile or two
I’m sending all my love down the wire straight to you

© Delia Ross. 2019

Alexander Ebert, light of all light, GIF made by me, taken from his newer video “Hands Up“.

Dear Alex, thanks for not being scared of my darkness or love. ✌️

5 thoughts on “Lumination

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  1. Thank you. The footage was captured from one of his newest videos entitled “Hands Up”, which is well worth the watch even if you’re not into the music. BUT, the lyrics touch on suicidal ideation, self-worth, and aging. Relevant. Meet Alex, my muse. And he’s not scared of my love. He follows me on Insta and to have him as a follower is everything. I have a small tribe but a good tribe. Happy he sees me. Happy he hears me. Trying to stay in the light cuz having some dark days. Also, he has a wide genre of music, so don’t let one or two songs throw you off. Listen to “Broken Record”, it’s a favorite song. Glad you liked the little giffy, took me an hour or so to sort making it. 😆

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