The Muse

For my muse – there’s only ever been the one
He evokes poetry on the tongue
He puts words in my thumb
He makes the darkness go numb
He makes the daylight come

A visual walking masterpiece
He sees through the worst of me

He lives in a world I’ll never be able to cross into
A star so bright he can pierce through –
Any structure, any crack or dark avenue
He’s teaching me how to be human too
He suffers the way you and I do
I hate it but it’s true

An archangel of the highest order –
Though probably not a title he’d gladly hoarder

I see him in a different color
Where blackness is always duller

His mind is so expanse he’s more than genius
His message is love just like Jesus πŸ™‚
He should be my life thesis πŸ™‚
(Fuck, he’ll probably see this) πŸ™‚
((I’m not trying to start a war I promise))


Well, he’s perfect yes
Even when he’s not at his best
And so yeah, I love him more than all the rest
I’m sorry if that will put you to the test
I am not a threat

Respect, admiration, freelove
It’s a gift from above
(I am just a little dove)
And so I am thankful forever of..

“HAPPY LIKE A BROKEN RECORD” inspired by Alexander Ebert 1000% of the time (photo edits by me)

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