Skeleton Key

He knows not the sun rises with his waking eyes
His gems are the rarest element in the morning skies
His spirit is a dawning not meant for my demise
My heart is a space he fully occupies

He is the moment of reckoning when you’re lost on your own
And when you haven’t any heaven but still worthy of a song
He is the hand on your shoulder still guiding you home
He is the voice of reason when you need to atone

He is a flower that blooms only in the midnight
A garden for healing when you are not feeling right
He is the voice for truth which shines very bright
He is the inspiration for these words that I write

He checks in as a guest but he is really my muse
He has a skeleton key to break all of my rules
There are no answers here the test was written for fools
And he dances through life unaware who ridicules

© Delia Ross. 2019

Snapchat selfie. Prayers come with rain…

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