I shared this on my Instagram but felt like it belonged here. Another freestyle. Hope you like.

Poem & digiart by me @PoeEternal

I saw him stargazing
The way a painter stares at a blank canvas
What wonders were revealed?
Did he see me barefoot on my tippytoes reaching for his lips
The way clouds summit a mountain?
What hour caught him off guard
What did he find?
Fragments of my soul written for him in rhyme?
Did he see us moving
Like starlight in the sky?

Β© Delia Ross. 2020

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25 thoughts on “Stargazing

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  1. Thanks so much, Tom! I’m glad you do. I honestly thought this one might be too mushy for most but it’s now one of my favorite pieces I’ve written so I’m glad it’s getting positive response. ❀

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  2. Well, I know many aren’t into the relationship type of poem, they won’t relate or whatever and this one is so hopeful compared to my dreary stuff but I like mixing it up. I’m complex, just like the universe. Sometimes I’m a raging storm and other times I’m a rainbow. Really glad you dig!!

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  3. All creatives are a myriad of states, that’s to be expected. It does amuse me that (as you write rightly say) that there are those people who are into poetry in a big way but unable to process or relate to poems about relationships or emotions. For me, those can be some of the most exciting. A sunset is nice, but the earth rattling urgency of trying to navigate a relationship is something else.

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  4. Thank you so much! I had a tiny editing mistake in tippytoes that I didn’t catch, I really hate having a brain injury. I hope people will forgive my error and still appreciate the message. I’m grateful for your support despite these flaws.


  5. You seem to come out in your darkest moments and write things we can all relate to. Once again excellent work Delia.

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