You Are The Hour

Have you seen how the crust on magma will form after your words have cooled?

If you are darkness, let me be your shadow that follows, forming over your shapes and words, the way dark clouds glow in the moonlight

The way a streetlight will cast hope in an off hour when all the world is at a loss

Let me be the faint coincidence reflecting taller and courageous on a sunny day

Let me be the dark umbrage of the wind-tattered and torn tree in the grim of a stormy night (the way your words sometimes puts me at fright)

Can I be the silhouette moving from your lips, smooth and delicate?

If you are the hour, I am the minute (and I mean it)

I walk the very trails you build with words, following them like starlight and making wishes, when I see one falling down on me

I feel every word you write like gravity.

If only shadows could be carried, I’d lift yours up to not feel so heavy

The shadows heaven casts are your words

Reality overlaps when lines are blurred

Every moment that’s now is gone –
But in my heart forever your words live on

© Delia Ross. 2020

Do you ever find my words enchanting?
I’m late posting these…
I’m still alive despite the pandemic growing in Florida…
Invoke me with your words pleaseeee

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