Once he had laughter but he cut it into pieces
Thinking more always meant better

Kept it in the rain, never saw a bit of day
But expects for it to shine any weather

Say you wanna love it, then you tweak it and cut it
Chain it down when it’s only a feather

Label it “together”, when it’s just another tether
But you’re married to that irony

Shine it up like diamonds, flash your pearls to the dying
But I know you’re living in agony

I know I could be smiling, I should laugh instead of sighing
But this world gives me anxiety

Doctors all prescribing, pills which are never satisfying
Still they got their tiny hooks over me

My family will look, my friends will even root
Just to see this time how I will perform

They tried to teach me form, but I am against the norm
I’ve been in walls that shrink ’til you conform

You can build a boat to travel through my storm
But if you’re going to love my flower, you gotta love my thorn

© Delia Ross. 2019

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