Twitch Live Streams :-)

Hi Y’all,

I hope you are well! I’m sorry I’ve been quiet in the blogging world, I’ve kind of needed a break from writing and WordPress (but not you). I wish I could put me in vaca mode, not just my email. Summer has me in outside mode (when it’s not feverishly raining) 24/7.

I want to put together a schedule for my Twitch live streams, and I’m curious to know which time frames work best for your schedule. I’ve started a poll on Twitter where you can vote anonymously, but you can also answer freely here. I am committed to streaming once a week, but I likely can stream two to three times weekly. I am on EDT, so take that into consideration.

Personally my favorite times to game are late at night or early mornings. Obviously, any time an event for a game is on-going, I will be more active. I also like to game around / after dinner time. Weekends and late evenings preferred.

I fully intend to go live outside of gaming too. For everything and anything. Maybe to show you around a park I am visiting or to read you a mindfulness book. Who knows! Florida isn’t fully open and operating yet but I’m pretty good at thinking outside of the box (I’m just terribly shy). I live in a very active touristy area. Daytona Beach is home to the famous Daytona 500 and Daytona Bike Week. We’re also famous for our white beaches and draw in all the spring breakers. We have a ton of parks around here, and for the most part, those have been reopened.

I need to start working off this quarantine weight. The gym and pool where I live are still closed. And it’s either been too hot or raining to get any bike rides in. I’m getting in a few. But I’m committed to losing this weight and getting back in shape, ugg, too many quarantine donuts and I’ve got 3 more today. *insert drool nom nom emoji*

It’s easy for you to tell me to give up the donuts when you’re getting laid. You’re getting laid and getting to eat donuts, so I don’t want to hear it. Sex burns more calories than running. And I don’t run anymore. Unless it’s to the ice cream truck in the rain. Stop judging.

Anyhoo, I’m slightly working out. I have to trick my depression into believing it’s doing something magical, because my energy done got up and jumped into a galactic black hole. Now add the fact that there is no joy in anything but eating and sleeping. And sleeping has to be drug induced, I gather eating does too. I’d literally have no energy to breathe if my body didn’t do it automatically. Breathing is fucking exhausting tho. Especially with anxiety and nightmares. I wish I could go float in the pool but no, closed. I pretend I’m floating in my tub after a half a bottle of wine.

Anyhoo, I’m kicking quarantine up a notch. So if you wanna watch me do stuff, stuff like eating and breathing, I’m getting online weekly. Yay. Stuffs to do!! And to be honest, having a schedule both excites and scares the shite out of me. I like to be spontaneous. But I also have cryptic stage fright. But a schedule makes sense in the TV world, and I understand its importance regarding return viewers. Obviously good content is important too but if I’m always going live when everyone is sleeping, I won’t have anyone to interact with.

I’d love to see my Twitch reach 50 subscribers, so drops and other in-game loot becomes available for viewers. Goals are good to have (and share).

Also, let me know what content interest you. What games are you into? Do you want to see me review games weekly? Are you into a certain genre? Would morning or night streams work for you? Weekly or weekend? Are you interested in seeing the city I live in? Are you interested in real life or gaming? I will be using YouTube live as well but that’s an entire new puppy to adopt. Feel free to email or message me privately if you prefer. Thanks for checking out my Twitch channel!

Vote on time frames here (or drop me a DM/comment):

Poll open the next 7 days! Vote here:
My burfffday was a few days ago and now I’m on another return around the suns… πŸ™‚

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