Excited but equally terrified. But, I’m definitely adding ‘open mic night spoken word’ to my channel. I want to do a trial session or two before I add it to a permanent schedule on my Twitch. Cuz nerves. But, people DJ on Twitch, podcast, fitness, cook, it’s not just for gaming… πŸ–’

Yeps. Skeered.

Also, I’m terrible about falling asleep with eye makeup on but I must like the messy look (hides the bags I suppose, I gets no sleeps). πŸ˜‚

But Twitch is definitely a social platform and I also have a Discord now! Definitely could use some cheerleaders in my corner right now. πŸ™Œ

Be sure you are keeping an eye on my Instagram feed and stories! I drop more than selfies there. πŸ˜ƒ

I appreciate all your support out there! Thank you!! ❀

I’m going live again on Twitch, Sunday afternoon (tomorrow)! Playing a horror game I’m obsessed with and I also had a request to play as a killer so I’ll be hopping on as a killer at some point during the livestream to play as a killer too (thanks for the request)!

It’s really fun connecting with you all! I don’t have a date yet with when I’ll do the spoken word I just know it’s coming soon!! I’m not sure how often I even want to do it, but at least once or twice per month (along with the other live streaming I do). It would be cool to add a fitness day in there too!

If you are on Twitch let me know! I am completely new to the app but I’ve known of its existence. But I have a lot to learn!

Also, thanks for all the fantastic support on my Patreon campaign this year! I am truly grateful! I am working on your rewards for September! 😍

Uhm, so I’ll be dropping more poetry on my blog too of course! But, I’ve been itching to do some vampire cosplay and October is creeping around the corner. My fangs wanna dance.

I need to get back on eBay and sell my GOPRO camera bundle set, so I can buy an easier cam setup. At the time, I spent around $1k on everything and I’ve since used it twice. 😨 I also desperately need a laptop. So, I’m definitely getting back on eBay soon and I might have a collectible or two I can sell. On top of needing like electronics, I need food. 😎

I’m down to my last three car payments! I just might get the ground kissed once I get her paid off! I’ve been paying off my car note since 2014! But the change in career paths and disabilities have made it tough! Some of you have helped me out of that pickle, thank you! Holycrap, life is extremely difficult, there have been times I know I have made it even more difficult for others, but I was drowning. But I’ve made a lot of changes in my medications and luckily the episodes have been less! Literally the worst thing I’ve done is told someone I fucking hated them online. I forgive me. Shit happens and I wasn’t myself. I couldn’t even think straight on all that shit! One pill, two pill, three pill, more! Where the fuck is the topest building, let me leap. πŸ’©πŸ’©πŸ’©

Ok, happy Saturday and bye! I have shit to do! TTYL! πŸ˜„

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