Doing stuff terribly but doing stuff

I dunno why I have such a hard time with transitions but I do… I’ll probably delete this TikTok because my OD is triggered. But damnit, I worked so hard in it. 👀

*edit* deleted my TikTok because people are mean

Dropped a new cosplay set on my OF too! Got more horror stuff planned for the month so I’m gonna be busy/offline working. Itching to make digiart but can’t rush the photoshoots. Plus, there is literally only one me and I have a life outside what I allow you to see.

Yup. Rogue freckle on my foot. You should worship it. 👀

I can’t really post what I want to post anywhere else or I’ll get in trouble for it. I’m currently in the top 50 on OF and glad to be on the leaderboard! Thank you!

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