You give me electric surges
From half-dead
To sudden urges
Like a tsunami rushing
The need is urgent

© Delia Ross. 2021 / @poeeternal

Take me now or lose me forever?
I’m on the OnlyFans, I dropped a new cosplay set, I have more content coming. Thanks for putting me in the Top 50 on OF! Happy to be on the leaderboard! 💞
Woot! Awesome to be on the OF leaderboard! Thanks!

Better than coffee, slippery when wet oh wait, wrong analogy 😋

You do more than perk me up. Carving new channels of longing…

Are we still talking about coffee? I really need some coffee. You know what I mean? COFFEEE

People get addicted to coffee and people get addicted to people. But people addictions are way stronger. Like I don’t see people dying by suicide because they didn’t get Starbucks today.

I suffer from depression and I realize in hindsight that’s probably a tacky thing to say but it’s true. Like I can go days and days without eating and it’s cool, like no big deal, fuck life, but make me go one more day without love and nurturing and like oh my God, I’m ready to f****** die….

Chemicals. 😏

I mean, all of this, all of creation, over some fucking gas. It’s mind boggling.

It’s energy though. Manifesting itself in the most beautiful and cruel ways.

Ever notice how everything is always falling downwards?

Gravity gravity, I’m not talking about no apple falling from a tree.

Sagittarius A* – that supermassive black hole in the center of our Milky Way galaxy that our Sun is orbiting. *bites nails*

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