Simply Lost

Where do you go when my dreams are not visible?

I look to the stars where only darkness is found.

Were the moon not my crown, would you come around?

Is love now only mythical?

© Delia Ross. 2021 / @poeeternal

I’m a Soldier. I kinda rely on the stars to get around. Kinda like a sailor. But now the stars can’t be seen and I’m too dependent on the air that I breathe.

But then reality sets in that I very well could die like my dad or Edgar Allan Poe.


Under the streets of Pariee in the catacombs – risking end-all for this photo of me with some of the skull and bones. And weird fact: this sort of stench is euphoric to me because I’m a vampire (well maybe it’s just because I’m like “every other white girl”)…
And I got yelled at by two French Parisian guards for stepping on Jim Morrison’s grave
THANK YOU OH LORD FOR THE WHITE BLIND LIGHT (kissing the tomb of Jim Morrison)
I had to lay down completely flat to get this shot of the Eiffel Tower on my 35 millimeter camera. Ahhh Pariee, I miss thee.
Me on top of the world, having a right panic, because I’m afraid of heights, and the Eiffel Tower sways. I spent a few nights in Paris, but I don’t have many photos remaining. I’ve lived 1000 years. Vagabond. Unknown Soldier actually. ✌
A shot a took from on top of the Eiffel Tower in Paris France
In the rearview mirror with my 35 mm camera on the streets of Paris
At a cafe in Paris near Pere lachaise Cemetery
A different story- that time I got to talk to Robby Krieger and John Densmore on a rock line for a very long time and then I got a signed CD in the mail by Robby Krieger..
Six Flags Belgium. That ride terrified me and I also got addicted to the Belgian chocolates while I was living in Germany and I was only 15 minutes away from the border of France. La la la

Okay, that’s enough of “getting to know me”. Yuck. Vampires prefer being elusive or maybe that’s just “every other white girl” I don’t know anymore, maybe all of my problems are due to the fact that I’m f****** “WHITE”… 🤔

Or maybe we all bleed the same and he’s just a fucking ASSHOLE.

And yes I’m still feeling some kind of way about being attacked for being WHITE and SICK with an ILLNESS.

And I wish he’d just come say that s*** to my face so I could drop kick him in the face with my steel-toed boots. Then I wouldn’t be feeling some kind of way.

I guess I’ll just have to put my feelings into another TikTok so it’ll get all of 5 views.

Not gonna lie, feeling very UNDERWHELMED.

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