Are you the breath of life?

Did you know that you’d settle in me like a hundred sunsets, in just an instance, with one breath?

© Delia Ross. 2021 / @poeeternal

Thank you to over 1K visits to my LinkTree. Holyshite. 👀
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Thanks for supporting the little gal! I’m going through some weird self-loathing stage but I’m sure it’s because my dad died, this pandemic, isolation, depression, nearly getting kidnapped, my PTSD and anxiety on full alert, my hormones raging wild like a stallion, jealousy, and possibly even the fact that I need to get to the store for more carbs and protein for the booty gain rebound fitness diet. I’m out of chocolate. Blasphemy. The great thing about this diet, it includes loads of food. 🙂

Resistance training is no joke. Back to sharing workout vids next week.

Need more protein for the booty gains. Getting ready to add proper ankle and wrist weights to the bounce routine.

All votes to keep so I get to remove the tags! I got loads of feedback on Insta over this new set. Thanks so much!!

I ordered some shiny leggings. I can’t wait for them to arrive. I hope they fit.

Shiny leggings!!!

My motivation to keep working on booty gains.

I also have a shoe fetish but I hate wearing shoes.

Unless it’s Docs.

But I have a ridiculous shoe fetish. So, gonna be updating the shoe wardrobe soon as well!

K, thanx, bye 😷

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