What color are your eyes?
Are they ivy?
You’re looking at the blind?
You’re seeing right through me?

What color is your heart?
The color of night sky?
Can’t see past all your dirt
I guess you’re not my guy?

What color is your soul?
Do you think it’d ever fly?
Say you’re never feeling whole
But you’d never let me try…

© Delia Ross. 2021 / @poeeternal

From dudes ghosting me to trying to kidnap me off the street- I just ain’t feeling right…

Know what I mean?

You ever have some guy wait for you to come out of the store and then exit their vehicle and chase you down the sidewalk and then not take two no’s for an answer?

He actually went “hmmm” and started looking around the parking lot.

This is after I’ve told a stranger no TWICE that I did not want to go for a ride with him.

He still hadn’t left.

Now he’s going “hmmm” and his eyes are scanning the front door and parking lot.

He then looks back at me and my facial expression read: is this the part you now grab me and I fight back

He said “alright” despairingly and left. Finally. But it was the longest seconds of my life. Too many seconds after the second no was issued. Too many.

I spent the next 20 minutes or an hour believing he was following me and wouldn’t drive any route home.

I have not recovered.

You ever have a guy wait for you to leave the store, exit his vehicle, run down the sidewalk, and not take no for an answer?

And then watch him scope out in contemplate if he’s going to take you or not?

In broad daylight?

I don’t like getting out. It’s too dangerous being this dainty and cute.

I need a bodyguard. Hence, I’m packing weight soon.

Know what I mean?

I got a girl you want to meet her? Her name is 9 millimeter…

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