Top 30% currently!! 🤩


Top 30%!!! 🤩

I’m also offering a new service on my OnlyFans- as it was requested by a sub – and I’ll be releasing that information here soon! 🥰

But holyshite!

(I also have someone in the top 1% stealing my signature booty moves)

But whatev, for the moment, I iz TOP 30% of ALL creators on OF!

But top 30% y’all as a creator is most definitely an achievement? 👀

And still pending a refund for that 1 fellow (so will likely lose my lead on the leaderboard but whatever. I’ve lost somebody and my signature booty move has been stolen from me).

I’m going up against famous peeps who are stealing from me legit.

But I’m currently top 30%!!!! 🤪

Thank you subs!!!!

Thank you for not letting me die on the street like Edgar Allan Poe!!!

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