I look for a cut
Or a scar
A loving line
Or a mark
A simple freckle
Or a knot
A little dimple
Or a shot

In open fields
Or swarms of thought
And when he’s stalling
Or in a trot
And when he’s culling
Cuz he’s caught
And rope is burning
Cuz he’s hot

Delia Ross. 2021 / @poeeternal

You ever been into somebody so much that any marking on their skin is a map to a galaxy you want to explore 👀

Or you wanna have babies with somebody but you need to figure out how to say hello or ask them out first 👀

Have you ever fallen for somebody without knowing who they are or what they look like 👀

Have you ever have a secret admirer feed you

Have you ever got a gift from a secret admirer

Have you ever lived between fantasy and real world

What if you couldn’t tell the dream world from the real world?


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