You’re like a volcano erupting
Then there’s silence you’re suddenly sculpting
Black smoke resulting
The earth lay moping and molten

© Delia Ross. 2021 / @poeeternal

Feeling increasingly paranoid and withdrawn and it’s only 5:43 AM. How’s your day going?

If you’re walking on egg shells, it’s molten around here 👀

In 2019 some Australians decided to go with a tour company hike up a volcano and the tour guide was like “yeah it’s a level two currently” and these people didn’t know anything about volcanoes but the tour guide was like “it’s currently a level 2, level 3 is exploding” and then the Volcano exploded and the rescue helicopter company right next to the tour guide didn’t come pick up any of the hikers on the volcano that was exploding, it was some random helicopter that decided to play rescue and hero and a lot of people died on that volcano 🌋 in 2019, a lot of people died…

It’s basically the Titanic everywhere, and buildings are falling down 3 1/2 hours from me 👀

The tour company took them hiking on a level 2 volcano and the rescue company didn’t come rescue them when the volcano went off 👀

People got burned

People died

The rescue company left them on an erupting volcano

And the mayors and the governors who pretend they give a fuck about us, they’re just playing an acting role

The White Island Volcano eruption – that’s you (the volcano) and me consistently climbing up while you’re erupting

A level 3 volcano and me hop scotching along with the tour guide


But if a tour guide took me on a level two volcano that turned into a level three, he’d probably get kicked into the fucking volcano 👀

I ain’t out there doing tours during an apocalypse tho

I’m not suicidal enough to go hiking up an active volcano tho

But I am homicidal enough to get into fights with the gas station clerk

I am a level 2 volcano



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