When You Arrive

Angel wings form
When you arrive on sunbeam
With honeydew and whisperings
Sweet sacred offerings

The sky is brim with hope
When you are sparkling
Entering night with the light you bring
The wind is an angel gasping

© Delia Ross. 2021 / @poeeternal

So I thought I had lost him forever

I thought he was gone

And it feels like drifting out into the ocean alone

Or deep space

But then he comes crashing onto shore

And I find myself stranded in his dreams

He gives me the big feels 👀

He hasn’t ghosted me 🤨

I was preparing for the big sleep 😩

I bought a box of dye so I’m gonna color my roots

I said I was going to stop killing my locks with chemicals

But you know it’s the end of the world and I want to look my best while crying

He gives me life

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