He makes the rain come
Gives color the rainbow
He puts the night aglow
Gives hope a halo

© Delia Ross. 2021 / @poeeternal

Y’all, I have nearly died on him and he hasn’t ghosted me yet.

I went from young and wistful to 94 years old and knocking on my grave overnight and that still hasn’t pushed him away.

He’s still into me half-dead

And I’ve shared weird thoughts and had innocent embarrassing moments and like… he ain’t gone.

I know I live in a land of fantasy but he gives my sky color

I don’t even like the real world

I went to the park today at high noon, and spent the afternoon with a wild, sable duck grooming himself, eating, yawning, and napping. I saw a duck yawn. I never knew I needed to see that until I saw. 👇

So if you ever wondered what you’d find at the end of the rainbow, it’s this. ❤️

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