Tussled (micropoetry)

The door slammed on compliance
And I tussled in the undercarriage of his defiance

© Delia Ross. 2021 / @poeeternal

I was going to write a non-rhyme

But then I said to myself, ‘you could try not rhyming the next line’

What, not rhyme the next line?

But, then line C or D will rhyme instead

So why beat around the bush

Just get right to it 😩

So I fucking called a cease fire stop

And two lines is all you get until I can learn to not rhyme or stop breathing

Rhyme or die

Now heaven said they didn’t have many rhyming poets on earth and I did not blink

I fell

Into hell I think

And his lap

But the devil said he couldn’t trust me

Then he disappeared 😩

Hence this god damn poem


Now I know he must have another blog or three, if only I had eyes to see 🥺

Can’t sleep

Can’t rest

Life is gone

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