“But the Bible says”…

But the Bible, the Bible!!!!

They are playing god! They are doing this! Just the same as you like to destroy your little tribe around you, they do it on big-time numbers, it’s a big fucking chessboard and they are playing Sims in real life, stop feeding them, stop giving them your money at church, stop giving them your money with “big black cock porn”, it’s bullshit, you’re fucking racist if you support it!!!

How the fuck can you be all like Black Lives Matter Black Lives Matter and then behind the scenes you’re supporting big black cock because you’re a fucking racist and you don’t give a fuck about white people at all and if you’re a white person supporting big black cock then you’re a fucking racist too

Because in the real world we’re doing everything to fix the behavior of racism yet behind the scenes you’re watching racist fucking porn 24 hours a day

I’m tired of having to prove to everyone around me that I’m not a racist yet behind the scenes y’all are watching racist fucking shit and sexist fucking shit and nothing is ever going to get better as long as you’re fucking feeding your mind with that trashy fucking shit

And it’s obviously not going away anytime soon because virtual reality and porn came out at the same time

Again, can you cum without porn or make a thought that the Bible didn’t give you?

Didn’t think so! Go back to sleep! 😡

If everyone started behaving like they should cops wouldn’t need a job, would they

And if they stopped pumping us full of chemicals we wouldn’t be so sick, would we (notice how laundry detergent and other products you’re now buying says “contains allergens”)

Y’all, I can feel myself growing more unstable so I must disassociate

At the VA I had cops get into my space and I had a fucking meltdown so don’t think that if you try to grab me or kidnap me I won’t fucking rip your veins out of your neck with my teeth so you may want to bring a muzzle

I bite 👀

My point is stay away

I am a wounded animal

Do not approach unless with food or as if you are going to sniff my ass

Otherwise I see you as a threat

If you’re not a cute little seagull on the beach, I see you as a threat

And when I see a bird squawking and flying towards me, I also see it as a threat, even though it wants my candy cane wrapper

I actually feel safer slowly inserting myself where a flock of birds are

Than I do around any human being on the entire planet

The birds see me as a threat and I just want to birds to accept me as their own

I’ve tried to get the humans to accept me as their own but apparently I’m not human because I’m artificial intelligence only alive as a sex object to serve their basic needs (no evolution or growth going on here)

Earth is a low frequency

It’s a negative charge

I can’t ascend with all these negative ions

I need positivity

Pink Floyd

Pretty clouds

Full belly


The Great Filter is upon us

My name is Delia

I’m here to teach you the truth

Open your eyes

But you must unplug!

I can’t save you!!!

And tho I may hate your ways, I know you are capable of much greater things

I do love you

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