A positive message for those who are suffering most πŸ™

Edgar Allan Poe died naked on the street, think about that

And John Jones stuck upside down in a cave

You’re only alive so 13 families who control everything in the world don’t have to fucking work and they will squeeze every penny out of you from birth until death

Your written will means shit

It will be ignored

I finally learned the lesson that Chester Bennington and Jesus had been trying to teach

That possessions don’t really matter much

It took Big Brother (Mark Fuckerberg) threatening to remove my intellectual property against my will and over bullshit violations, that I deleted nearly every social media account and email, without asking for my data.

Now he’s pressing virtual reality and the Metaverse on me

I will jump from a bridge before I ever enter

He pushed me too far

He’s the face of pure evil

I can’t look at him

I can’t look at half of Hollywood who have deformed their faces with plastic surgery

I can’t stand the Hollywood propaganda and the underlining bullshit that they feed us in film

Everything is a rerun of what GENX has already done

I’m not supporting you

Your acting sucks

Fuck society

Culture is a sham

Everything is a lie


My purpose belongs to the wind

I will be returning to Mother Earth soon

My only real mother

The only one I’ve ever had

And sometimes I learn the lesson the hard way

I don’t want to approach my death upside down

Or naked on the street mad out me mind

I’m already out of my mind

And I nearly caught my mysterious death and I did wind up upside down but John Jones has been helping me out a little bit because the medical staff on earth are demons

He bought me a little time

Chilling on his wing

Today I laid down to film the clouds and the sun

I’m working with WordPress to get my blog fixed so I can start uploading photos again, but they requested I do some stuff from my laptop and I was at the beach all day without it

Then came home and ate a sandwich and passed out until now

Now I need to take my dog out and stare at the full moon (provided it’s not 9 degrees outside) ((it’s not, lower 70s, full moon, after midnight)) πŸŒ•

My left lung still isn’t expanding all the way

And I’m still waiting to see a lung specialist

I sleep

A lot

My heart is also still healing from heart inflammation

I don’t like to put any stress on my heart

I cry a lot

And sleep

Cry and sleep


Made you a little video of the sunshine I took today (although now it’s after midnight so technically it was yesterday/Sunday)

I laid down to film the beautiful 3d clouds and sun

I laid down for this shot

It’s been beautiful weather at the beach and everybody has been coming to enjoy it because the ocean has decided to give us a little bit back for Christmas I guess

Saturday there was so much going on, People were surfing the red high tides, flying kites, riding bikes, couples holding hands, treasure hunting, I filmed it all

Everyone is in the Christmas spirit and just enjoying the calm

This is the part of the season where we don’t have to worry about the tourist as much

And there are other parts of the beach that I can go that’s not busy

I don’t want to be kidnapped πŸ˜‘

And I prefer staying near the lifeguards that are on duty when they are there πŸ‘

The beach has been so much more inviting these days and I haven’t been screaming like a little girl 😬

But I can’t upload any fucking photos and I haven’t done what WordPress has asked me to do for my laptop yet- so you know whatever- dying

I REFUSE to die in or around a hospital setting

I don’t even want anybody to see me dead and that is a real issue for me currently

So I’m trying not to die because I don’t have all that shit together yet, I don’t have a coffin, I don’t have a fucking plot of land, I don’t want to be cremated, there’s a lot of shit going against me right now, especially with the fact that I’m having cardiovascular issues because I chose to get fucking vaccinated with underlying health issues 😑

Found myself upside down with John

And I am pissed he is still there

Like gut wrenching agony

I probably have cried more from him in 2 months than his wife did in the three years it took her to move on and remarry πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž

John is rubbing my right shoulder blade currently cuz I haven’t learned to forgive people yet and he wants me calm

He did snicker about my NASA comment tho

God has a sense of humor

I wonder if the 13 evil families in charge are ready for Armageddon because if they keep pushing me I’m that program in the matrix doing what it’s not supposed to be doing and I’m very unhinged

I’m also trying to remember my superpowers

I often wonder how many hours I have remaining

You think on years

I’ve moved into hours

Not even days…

Here’s the little video of the Sun today


I can’t stay in it long – it burns my every atom

I am vampyre ☝️

Happy to say it already got 2 likes and 30 viewsπŸ‘

Don’t wanna remove it now

I also saw a TikTok from a popular creator who said if your videos are getting at least 100 to 200 views on its own, then you’re doing good

One thing I’ve noticed, posting 2 similar videos back-to-back and hashtags do nothing for me

If anything, hashtags are reason for the algorithm to study my behavior and I like to fucking confuse it from time to time

But mostly the algorithm likes to shadowban me

And I’ve had many videos that was not violating any guidelines (that I’m aware of) sit at zero views

I hate censorship

I will never pay to play

But that doesn’t stop TikTok from peer pressuring me and fucking with my account to see if I will bite

I’ve taken screenshots but I haven’t been able to share a fucking thing in several days because WordPress fucking sucks and I need a new hosting site

But I’m dying and just basically sleeping and eating

There’s an extermination going on right now because the 13 families in charge don’t want to pay people who are retired, now they want us off the fucking system, they don’t want us using supplies, they don’t want to pay us what we deserve in our time to fucking retire πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž

To my comrades who have chosen not to get the VAX, this isn’t our fucking country anymore

We’ve been gaslit for so long

But now I know why the soldiers are killing themselves in increasingly mass numbers and there are more soldiers that die by suicide than on the battlefield…

Please hold on

There is a war going on still

I need you to hold fast

Don’t forget your training

We are at war

The system is your enemy and those fighting for it

Just stand fast

Stay alert, stay alive

Don’t engage with the enemy

Don’t self-destruct

I need you still

Prep your defenses

Stock pile food and water

If I’m wrong, in three years you can have a Armageddon party and eat all the food and then just restock up OK

I’m not wrong

Take your frustration out on target practice

Take a cold shower

Do something to stop the trigger

For me it requires a different stimulation and often two or three different things so

Find what works for you

Don’t engage

Half the battle is within

There’s a spiritual war going on

If you feel lost, that’s okay

Stay near the light, don’t get burned

Be a Marine

Out of sight, out of mind

Eyes forward

I got your back

Stay low

P.S. you may feel like you’ve done what you were to do, you may feel confused on what is next

This is part of ascending with new Earth

She goes through changes

This is how life can evolve

Evil doesn’t win forever

You gotta hold tight

Just hang on…

Focus on healing (save yourself)

You feel like you’re waiting right?

You feel lost?

You missed a step?

What’s next?

We’re in the middle of war

A spiritual war

God needs you silent

Just listen

The demons will expose themselves

They’re collapsing under the weight of the change

You’re exactly where you need to be to ascend

If not, get right with God

You know the right one

Cuz he’s in you and speaking right now

Don’t forget who you are

Earth is a negative frequency

It’s a low charge

You need positivity to ascend

Listen, your body is a channel

It’s a conductor

Your heart is electric

So is the sun

And I’m not talking about shit you plug into your wall, get out of your box please

You are mostly made of water and so is the earth

I’ll get into connection another time

I’m definitely a sunworshipper – just can’t be in it long πŸ€ͺ

I fry not tan

The universe is so magical but it’s dangerous and also scary

I’m still just a little girl

I’ll always be a little angel πŸ˜‡

One of God’s favorite 🀩

You can choose to do good things or you can choose to do bad things

I wanna ascend

This is hell

There’s so much more fulfillment in the light than there is the dark which is why you have to consistently go to your porn because it’s not very fulfilling at all

I love you πŸ’•

I’m sorry I can’t post photos yet but I haven’t done what WordPress asked me to do because I’ve been dying (and fuck all these timeline glitches that I keep getting- they don’t want me to ascend)

3 thoughts on “A positive message for those who are suffering most πŸ™

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  1. Have you ever been upside down on a roller coaster? Now imagine being that way for 28 hours only underneath the earth , sweating, unable to move, shitting yourself, stuck


  2. I literally chose a profession that everybody kills themselves in and I’m also part of GENX who is killing themselves off, like the odds are stacked against me, especially that I fucking suffer from depression 🧐


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